I got to boss around an old boss

I worked for Ron a very long time ago. Way back when I actually could grow hair. He was a great boss whom I'm lucky enough to now call a friend. Ron and Jaimi married some years ago (AWESOME WEDDING and I got to enjoy it as a guest!). Fast forward to 2021 and Jaimi had a bun in the oven! I was ecstatic when I heard the news and damn-near fell to my knees when they asked if I would photograph them for a maternity shoot. UH... YEAH... OF COURSE!

A husband holds his pregnant wife from the back while they stand together
A husband and pregnant wife look into each other's eyes as they hold one another
A dog smiles as he lays at the feet of his mom and dad
A husband and wife hold hands while their dog lays at their feet while they stare off at the Columbia River Gorge
A dog rolls on his back and smiles
A husband and pregnant wife hols hands while they stand out in nature
A bride smiles from ear-to-ear as she nuzzles into the chest of her husband
A husband and wife hold hands as they stroll down a curving country road
A couple hold each other as they look at Mt. Hood in the background
A woman laughs uncontrollably as she looks back at the camera while standing next to her husband
A woman holds her pregnant belly
A woman laughs while her husband looks at the camera annoyed
A pregnant woman and her husband stand in a tall grass field in the fall while they look seriously into the camera
A pregnant woman holds her belly while standing in an autumn grass field while looking over her shoulder
A woman laughs uncontrollably while holding her husband's hands
A pregnant woman holds her husband by the hand as she leads him down a country road with Mt. Hood in the background