Park City Nursery provides the most wonderful Family Portraits

I absolutely love photographing family portraits at the Park City Nursery and the Alday Family is a wonderful way to see this first-hand. Rob and Rachel Alday, owners of Abode Luxury Rentals, and their incredible children are so easy to photograph. They show up relaxed, engaged, and outgoing. They truly love each other and it shows. What I love about this session is how authentic all of them are. They simply melted into the scene and made it come to life.

a little girl wears funny sunglasses as she looks at the camera while her father looks at her
a husband and wife hold one another as they stand in a beautiful meadow
A boy makes a funny face for the camera
Two boys play around as their parents hold them both
Two boys try to tickle each other while their parents laugh and hold them both
A young girl is held by her two brothers as they all smile
A nanny smiles as she is surrounded by the three children she cares for
A husband and wife hold hands as they sit upon a little bridge over a quiet stream
A large family sits together while all smiling and laughing as their feet dangle over a stream
Closeup photograph of a family's feet just above the surface of a small stream
A mother looks lovingly back at her young daughter as the boys wrestle around dad
Closeup photograph of a loving couples hands and a wedding ring
A husband lovingly kisses the forehead of his wife while she closes her eyes
A boy sits crosslegged and smirks at the camera
A boy has a happy, shocked face as he dips his toes into a cold stream
Two young brothers joke and tickle each other as they laugh while sitting down on a small bridge over a stream
A beautiful blond girl sits in a gorgeous grass field as she smiles for the camera