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Why I photograph

I deeply understand the profound impact of human connections. My journey into photography was shaped by personal experiences of loss and change—my parents' divorce and the tragic death of my sister both occurred when I was just a child. These events taught me the significance of capturing the essence of every moment, the fleeting expressions of joy, and the deep currents of emotion that run through our interactions. This is why I'm drawn to photographing people. Each subject brings a story of love, resilience, and unity that resonates with me. With my camera, I strive to capture the true spirit of individuals and the unique dynamics of their relationships. My work is about more than taking pictures; it's about celebrating the enduring power of human bonds and the beauty of life, even in the face of adversity.

Photographer with bride and groom before wedding near Bend, Oregon


I treat every session as its own experience from the beginning. I craft the photos to my client’s unique style. If they’re animated, I’ll hone in on this. If it’s an emotional experience, the photos will reflect that. I’m there to preserve the moment, not interfere and interject. My goal is to provide a rolling catalog of memories for each and every client that is synonymous with their lifestyle.

Photographer celebrating with bride and groom during wedding near Bend, Oregon


I love living out of a duffel bag. It doesn’t matter if its Singapore or Strasbourg… my passport is packed and ready for the next adventure. Whether you plan to pop the question atop Machu Picchu, say “I do” in New Delhi, or explore Ecuador with your friends and family, I can be there to capture it all. I custom-tailor every travel package to fit your expectations and budget.

Hood River, Oregon with Mt. Hood in the background at sunset with the Columbia River flowing in the foreground

Environmental Stewardship

A personal passion of mine is landscape photography. I love documenting the beauty this world provides, and I'm here to do my part in protecting this spectacular place we’re all lucky enough to be a part of. From not using straws to packing reusable silverware, my goal is to minimize my impact on the world. 

I donate 5% of each photo session in the Columbia Gorge to charitable causes. Half goes to Friends of the Columbia Gorge, dedicated to land conservation and preserving the historic Columbia River Gorge. The remainder supports Give for the Gorge, which supports eight 501(c)(3) organizations that cater to the three areas most impacted by tourism: housing, food security, and the environment. By hiring me as your photographer, we are directly contributing to nine 501(c)(3) organizations supporting community-based initiatives focused on preserving this stunning playground.

Community Commitment

As a father, I'm excited to raise my daughter in a loving, supportive, engaged community. As a photographer capturing countless smiles and cherished memories, I'm eager to spread even more joy by supporting my local PTA at Pine Ridge Elementary. With my lens focused on family connections, I see the importance of enhancing our community's school experience: donating to the PTA means fueling our children's educational journey with vibrant art programs, exciting field trips, and the tools they need to rock out in music class or shine on stage with top-notch AV equipment.

closeup photograph of a husband and wife kissing underneath the veil after their wedding in Oregon


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