Family fun at McPolin Barn

The Hockersmith Family SHOWS UP! Their two adorable children are always smiling and so relaxed in front of the camera. I'm so thankful that this fantastic family of four has photographed with me over the years. Whenever I get the call that it's time to meet up and snap some shots, I start counting down the seconds. Simply put, they rock!

A young brother and sister hug each other for family photos
a husband and wife laugh and hold each other while siting down as they watch their children play
A young girl kisses her mom on her cheek as the mother smiles
Closeup photograph of a husband and wife's boots
The family plays on a fence together while they all laugh and smile
A family of four pose for a photograph with their dog while leaning up against a fence
A young boy is kissed on the cheek by his sister
A family of four smile while sitting together in grass with a rustic fence behind them
A brother and sister laugh and tickle each other
A father and daughter sit together as they smile and look at the camera
A young boy is embarrassed at his mom when she hugs him closely
A family dog poses for a photograph\
A family of four joke around in front of the camera during family photos
A mother lovingly kisses her young daughter on the cheek as she looks into the camera with a slight smile
A husband and wife hold each other against a soft, white wall as they look into one another's eyes
A family of four and their dog stand against a fence during a photography session
A young girl smiles into the camera while light costs a soft glow upon her face
A boy and girl hug their family pet while posing for family photos
A young girl and boy jump off a fence together with the sun in the background
A mother holds her daughter as they both laugh and smile while crouching in a field
A family poses for a photograph against a rustic fence with a small stream running next to them
A father and his young boy pose for a photograph as they stand against a rock wall
A family pet sits in a field enjoying the mountain view