Smiling has never been so easy. Whether it's a tight knit family or a momentous reunion, family photography is always SO MUCH FUN! Each brings their own unique personality, and I relish every moment of my time behind the lens documenting these special times. From a shy child to a teenager ready to take on the world, let's capture fleeting moments that make your family truly unique. I'm here to make this fun, effortless, and an amazing experience while we laugh, joke, tease, play, and above all else, make memories!

mother gazes into camera while holding beautiful daughter
teen girl laughs while running in field during family photo session
boys laugh while sitting on little bridge over water
brother and sister smile while sitting on footpath
beautiful pregnant woman holds her belly while standing in field
a mother laughs while her daughter is dangled by the dad
family of four embrace in front of setting sun
family of five walk in a row on the salt flats
mother laughs while daughter smirks sitting on shoulders
young girl smiles as she looks off into the distance while standing in green bush
young boy holds baby brother in arms
a young boy looks bored while sitting in a chair
a young girl is held in her big brother's arms as they look off
a mother and father hold hands while walking and holding their son
a family smiles while they walk next to the deschutes river
a father laughs while holding his daughter on his shoulders
family of five laugh and tickle each other
a husband dips his wife with a rain storm in the background
a girl hugs her mom and stairs into the camera
a younger sister hugs her older brother while they sit on a path in an aspen grove
a mother embraces her daughter who's hugging her
a mother smiles while her daughter hugs her in a field
girl smiles for camera while laying in grass
a mother smiles while touching nose-to-nose with her daughter
a mother makes a funny face while her daughter and son kiss her cheeks
a family sits upon a tree in front of a waterfall
a teenage girl smirks while looking off to the side while the sun sets behind her
a girl smiles while hugging her mom around the neck
a boy laughs and smiles while running away from his sisters
a mother and father swing their smiling son while their dog jumps

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a family of four walks towards the camera at sunset with a bird flying high above
Tips, Tricks, & How Tos

Your Complete Guide to Great Family Photography

Family photography is simply incredible! It's fun! It's easy (really!). Every session is as unique as all of you. I'm here to make sure everything runs smoothly. Here is the definitive checklist that will take you through every step of our time together. I promise you'll feel ready and excited for your family portrait session.