Senior portrait photography is a blast. It's a moment in time where they get to be fun, free, expressive, and show off what makes them unique. Usually there are a lot of questions leading into a senior portrait session: ask away! I'm here to help.

senior girl poses for the camera as she sits on metal stairs
Senior girl crosses her hands as she sits in a field
Senior girl stands in front of a colorful wall
A senior sitting in a grassy field
Senior girl sitting in a field in the fall
senior girl sits on a bench as she smiles for the camera
senior girl stands against a rock wall
Senior girl stands in front of the Egyptian Theater on Park City Main Street
Senior girl stands in front of a gray wall
Senior girl looks away from the camera as she smiles
Senior girl sits on concrete stairs
Senior girl rests her head against the wall as she stares at the camera
Senior girl holds her hair in her hands as she stares intently at the camera
senior boy crouches on a forest trail
Senior boy and girl standing in front of a large wooden door