A journey down Park City Main Street

I. Love. This. Family! The Hills are simply incredible and will always hold a special place in my heart. Random fact: they were the first family who ever hired me professionally for a portrait session. Fast-forward to today, and I'm thankful whenever I get time with these five. Each of them has such a unique, striking personality. All of them are so beautiful in their own way. They are a powerful family to be around.

A young boy laughs as he leans against a rock wall during a family portrait session
3 siblings joke around while leaning against a rock wall
A young girl strikes a pose and she softly smiles while leaning against a rock wall
A husband and bride look at each other as they hold hands
Three siblings joke around while standing against a rustic wooden building
A husband and wife lean in and kiss each other during family photos
A family of five smile while they sit together on stairs
two boys and a girl hold onto a light pole while they laugh together during family photos
A boy laughs emphatically while he sits against a rock wall
A mother and her young daughter pose together on a quiet park bench
A girl wearing glasses hugs a metal post as she smiles at the camera
A boy jokes around with his dad as they stand on stairs with a brick building behind them
Three siblings joke together as they run down a bunch of stairs outside
A mother sits with her three children on a park bench
A little girl is held by her father as he lovingly looks down at her
A family of five pose for a photo of their feet all in a row