Family Photography in the Washington Woods

Nancy Roach, matriarch of the family, was nice enough to bid on and win a family photo session I donated to Thrive Hood River. Her family has been growing in recent years and it was time to document the love between three generations. From grandparents to grandchildren and everything in between, we had so much fun documenting these wonderful memories on their property near BZ Corner, Washington.

A son laughs while sitting on a swing between his two parents
a family of three sit between two trees as they pose for family portraits
A mom jokes around with her son as they sit on a log in the woods
A young boy softly stares into the camera as he hugs his mother
A husband tickles his beautiful wife as she laughs and smiles while they stand in the woods
A young boy sits on his father's shoulders and recreates a memory from years ago
A husband tickles his small son as he sits on his father's lap
A boy holds his father's large fingers in his small hands.
A young boy holds his baby brother in his hands'
A baby holds his bigger brother's arm as they sit together
A mom hugs her two sons as they all laugh and smile
A mom holds her newborn son in her arms
Three generations in a family stand and pose for a group family portrait
An aunt holds her nephew while they smile at each other
Auntie holds her nephew as he grabs hold of a swing rope
Grandpa and grandma joke around with their two grandchildren while sitting in the front yard