Deer Valley Resort Family Photography Fun

I have been fortunate enough to photograph the Peloquin Family a number of times. The love and excitement between them is so infectious to watch. Our first session was held at the The Chateaux Deer Valley during an early-season snow storm. What I loved about this time together is they didn't hesitate at the foul weather outside and instead embraced it as yet another moment where they chose to have fun together.

A boy sticks his tongue out to try catching snowflakes
A mother and father teach their young boy how to hold an umbrella while it rains out
A husband and wife walk together as their feet leave footprints in the snow
A mother helps hold an umbrella for her young son as the father smiles by their side
A young boy proudly holds an umbrella in a snow storm as he looks back at the photographer
A boy smiles as his parents kiss him on the cheeks
A boy reaches upward trying to catch snowflakes in his hand
A boy throws a snowball at his dad while mom smiles at his side
A young boy points with excitement on his face while standing in the snow
Snowflakes softly fall as a husband and wife kiss in the background
A father stretches out his arms while his son and wife walk towards him in a snow storm