From "can I practice photographing" to years of family photos

I've been lucky enough to call the Adamek's friends for years now. Back when I officially started photographing, I called up Bethany and Mike asking if I could photograph their family for free (I really needed the practice at that point in my career). From that first experimental session till now... just wow! It has been a treat to photograph this unbelievable family year after year. Their son is one of the most kind, collected, and athletic kids I know. Never one to sit and watch from the sidelines, Brody is always moving. Their darling daughter, Julia is the quintessential definition of an old soul. Her presence roots the world. Never before (and likely never again) have I met a girl who radiates timelessness and caring like she does. It's a gift to know these four.

a young boy sits crosslegged on an old garden chair as he looks off into the distance
A boy crosses his legs and wrests his head upon his hand while sitting on a chair
A sister whispers into her brother's ear while they sit in a garden
a brother and sister joke together while sitting on a little bridge
A brother tickles his sister as she laughs hysterically
a brother and sister hug each other as they look over at their parents while sitting in a beautiful grassy forest
A sister tackles her brother while they sit upon a small wooden bridge over a tiny stream
A young girl poses for a portrait
a young girl smiles over at her family while she sits upon a chair in the woods
a boy hugs his mother closely as he softly stairs into the camera
a husband and wife kiss one another as they stand in the quiet woods
a family of four sit together along with their dog while they pose for a portrait
an elderly dog is pet behind his ears by his mom and dad
an elderly dog is kissed by a young girl
a boy looks up at his father as they both smile
a young girl embraces her mom while they both hug one another
a closeup photograph of a family of four's feet dangling off a bridge over a small stream