A chance encounter at Disneyland led to their fairytale wedding.

I have the absolute pleasure of sharing the unforgettable wedding of Taylor and Ricky at the stunning Westcliff Lodge in Hood River, Oregon. Set against the backdrop of the magnificent lush forests of the Columbia Gorge, this celebration was a true feast for the eyes. Let's dive into the remarkable details and relive the beauty and magic of their special day.

A black wedding gown hangs in a fruit tree near Hood River, Oregon
Wedding rings sit atop a rose
A bridal flower bouquet sits against a black wall
A bride and her friends laugh and enjoy each other's company as they get ready for a wedding
A groom looks strikingly into the camera as he puts on his cufflinks
A groom waits for his bride for the first look
The groom discovers the first look was a joke as he turns around to see his friend standing in a wedding dress
A groom jokes with his groomsmen before the wedding


The bridal party spent the pre-wedding hours relaxing and getting ready at a local Airbnb. Pressed up against the fruitful eastern side of the Hood River Valley, their home had a magnificent view of local pear and apple orchards with Mt. Hood towering above all off in the distance. Taylor and Ricky decided to do a first look that was simply EPIC... with a groomsman, Austin, stepping in for a great laugh! After everyone was ready, it was time to take off and enjoy the wedding.

Westcliff Lodge:

Nestled at the edge of Hood River and perched high up overlooking the Columbia River, the Westcliff Lodge provided a captivating setting for Taylor and Ricky's wedding. As the couple and their wedding party marveled at the breathtaking views of the river and surrounding forests, it became apparent that this location was something truly extraordinary. The lodge's picturesque charm and serene ambiance perfectly complemented the couple's vision for their dream wedding.

The grounds feature expansive gardens adorned with vibrant blooms, manicured lawns, and charming pathways. But the property's crown jewel is Sunset Trail. This meandering pathway is provides a short, scenic hike to one of the most stunning overlook of the Columbia River Gorge . The abundance of natural beauty served as an exquisite backdrop for capturing precious moments throughout the day. From the romantic outdoor ceremony space to the spacious reception lawn, every corner of this venue exuded quality, making it a photographer's paradise.

Taylor's Radiant Elegance:

Dressed in a stunning gown from Cocomelody, Taylor looked absolutely awesome on her special day. The Cocomelody Los Angeles boutique helped her find the perfect dress that embodied her unique style. The intricate lace details on a black dress added a touch of ethereal beauty to her bridal look. Paired with delicate accessories and a sparkling smile, Taylor was the epitome of a beautiful bride.

The Glittering Symbol of Love:

Taylor's ring, a creation from Brilliant Earth, sparkled with elegance and meaning. Crafted with exquisite attention to detail, this symbol of eternal love truly captured the essence of their commitment. The brilliance of the ring beautifully reflected the joy and excitement radiating from Taylor and Ricky throughout the day.

A bride smiles for the camera before her wedding
Detail photograph of a black wedding dress
The bride stands before her bridesmaids and brother
A groomsmen holds a box with the wedding rings
The groom smiles softly at his approaching bride
The wedding party stands at the alter at Westcliff Lodge in Hood River, OR
The wedding grounds at Westcliff Lodge in Hood River, OR are spectacular
Westcliff Lodge's wedding grounds showcase many flowers and beautiful green grass
The bride places the wedding band of her husband on his hand during the ceremony at Westcliff Lodge
The bride and groom kiss at their wedding ceremony at Westcliff Lodge

Delectable Delight:

Petite Provence Boulangerie & Patisserie added a touch of culinary magic to the wedding with their delectable wedding cake. Every bite was a delightful symphony of flavors. The bakery's expertise in crafting exquisite confections elevated the wedding reception to a whole new level of sweetness.

Culinary Craftsmanship and Refreshing DRINKS:

SHO Japanese Restaurant provided the tasty dinner ensuring that guests enjoyed an exceptional dining experience. From mouth-watering teriyaki to flavorful tempura, every plate was a work of art. The expertly crafted menu delighted taste buds, leaving guests with unforgettable culinary memories.

To complement the scrumptious food, Sip + Bliss provided libations that quenched the thirst of every attendee. This mobile bar (constructed from a horse trailer) added a great talking piece and a fun, casual space to hang out while refreshments were being poured. Their staff were top-notch and so welcoming... greeting every wedding guest with warm smiles alongside cold drinks.

An intimate photograph of a bride and groom kissing surrounded by pink flowers
Sunset Trail is a sight to behold at Westcliff Lodge in Hood River, OR
The reception site at Westcliff Lodge
Wedding guests sit and listen to speeches during a wedding
The Maid of Honor gives a toast at a wedding at Westcliff Lodge
The wedding cake with TILL DEATH written on the top
Two brothers jokingly hold each other for wedding photos as the sun sets behind them
Sip + Bliss mobile bar
Sip + Bliss staff greet wedding guests looking for a drink
The bride and groom kiss during their first dance at Westcliff Lodge
At Westcliff Lodge in Hood River, Oregon, a woman catches the bouquet at a wedding
The groom holds up the garter belt before tossing it to the bachelors
The groom gets ready to toss the garter belt to the bachelors during a wedding reception at Westcliff Lodge

Melodies and Beats:

DJ CUTT Entertainment set the perfect tone for the evening, captivating guests with an electrifying atmosphere. Their seamless mix of music ensured that the dance floor was never empty, and the celebration was alive with energy. The rhythmic beats kept the guests grooving, creating lasting memories and a night filled with joy.

Moving Memories:

Wildwood Wedding Films masterfully captured every heartfelt moment of Taylor and Ricky's wedding. Their artistic approach and attention to detail ensured that the couple would be able to relive their special day for years to come. With their expertise, Wildwood Wedding Films transformed fleeting moments into timeless treasures, weaving together a beautiful love story that is a wonderful accompaniment to still photography.


Taylor and Ricky's wedding at Westcliff Lodge in Hood River, Oregon, was a breathtaking celebration of love and beauty. The idyllic surroundings, the joyful atmosphere, and the impeccable attention to detail made this event truly magical

Wedding guests dance and party at Westcliff Lodge after the sun set
A woman smiles for the camera as she dances during a wedding at Westcliff Lodge
A bride dances during her party at Westcliff Lodge in Hood River, OR
A groomsmen dances as he enjoys the music at the wedding
The entire dance floor is full of people at the wedding reception at Westcliff Lodge as the sun sets behind them

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