Emilie & JT: A Love Story Unveiled at Helvetia Winery

In the heart of the rolling hills of Hillsboro, Oregon, Emilie and JT's love story unfolded amidst the rustic charm of Helvetia Winery. Their journey began in the bustling halls of OHSU, where fate intertwined their paths. JT, immersed in cardiology clinical trials, found himself drawn to Emilie, a newcomer back from Israel seeking her place in the world of healthcare. United by circumstance, they quickly became known as the inseparable "Team EJ," sharing bus rides, dinners, and eventually, heart-to-heart conversations amid blueberry picking at Tom, Dick, and Harry's hike. It was there, amidst nature's bounty, that JT poured out his heart, and Emilie, with a mouthful of blueberries, finally confessed her feelings.

Years later, with Emilie gently nudging towards the next chapter, JT orchestrated a proposal as grand as their love. Under the guise of a casual hike, Emilie found herself at the peak of Tom, Dick, and Harry's once again, where JT, with the help of their friends, created a picture-perfect moment reminiscent of their first date. And as the sun set over Trillium Lake, surrounded by loved ones, JT asked Emilie for forever, sealing their love in a moment of pure joy.

Their wedding day was a celebration of their journey, set against the picturesque backdrop of Helvetia Winery. The weather, as if blessing their union, remained clear and serene throughout the day, setting the stage for a joyous gathering of about 100 guests. Emilie, radiant in her gown from Adorned in Grace Bridal, prepared for her special day at her parent's house, while JT, adorned in a ring from Jared The Galleria of Jewelry, awaited his bride-to-be.

As they exchanged vows in an informal Jewish ceremony amidst the vineyards, their love echoed through the air, filling every heart with warmth and happiness. Reedville Catering treated guests to delectable delights, while Sarah Bellum's Bakery crafted a sweet masterpiece that left everyone in awe. Quinn In The City Flowers adorned the venue with blooms that mirrored the beauty of Emilie and JT's love, creating a magical atmosphere that lingered long after the last dance.

In the embrace of Helvetia Winery's rich history and scenic beauty, Emilie and JT began their journey as husband and wife, a testament to the enduring power of love, laughter, and the sweetest moments shared amidst nature's splendor.

wedding flowers that are pale white cream and green
necklace pendant with the letter "J"
details of wedding dress close up
wedding dress hung on wall in house
smiling father of bride sees his daughter in dress for the first time
quiet gravel road at Helvetia winery
private vows read between bride and groom
details of bride's book of private vows
dog smiles before wedding ceremony
bride surrounded by all her bridesmaids while they all smile
groom picked up and held by groomsmen
wedding party smiles and laughs while walking
wedding ceremony site at Helvetia winery
flower arrangement at wedding ceremony site at Helvetia winery
flower arrangements at ceremony site
sister of bride softly smiles walking during wedding ceremony
father kisses daughter while she looks at her soon-to-be husband
wedding train of bride walking up to wedding altar
ceremony location with guests at Helvetia winery
bride and groom kiss surrounded by guests at Helvetia winery
wine selection at Helvetia winery
wine bottles on display inside Helvetia Winery house
owner of Helvetia Winery, John
bride and groom kiss in front of main building at Helvetia winery
detailed photo of delicious cupcake desert at wedding reception
details of wedding reception featuring white flowers and mason jars
grandma kissed by her two grandsons
bride and groom smile during wedding speech
sister of bride delivers wedding speech
father of bride laughs while giving speech at wedding
guests toast to speech during wedding reception
bride and groom hold hands celebrating their marriage while walking in a winery
bride and groom kiss with setting sun in background
groom smiles at bride during private portrait session
bride and groom stand quietly in rows of grapes at winery
father of bride looks at his daughter during their dance
bride and groom smile during wedding dance
bride and groom lifted into air while sitting on chairs
everyone dancing and having a great time in the evening during wedding reception

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