Capturing Love Amongst The Ruins: Jamie and Jared's Beautiful Hood River Wedding

On July 1st, 2023, amidst the stunning landscape of Hood River, Oregon, Jamie and Jared celebrated their love in a wedding that perfectly encapsulated their adventurous spirits and zest for life. The venue? The Ruins – a gem of a wedding venue boasting a unique decaying concrete atmosphere nestled up against the hillside that provided the perfect backdrop for their special day. With warm, clear skies blessing the occasion, it was destined to be a day to remember.

Jamie and Jared are a couple who thrive in the great outdoors, sharing a love for adventure, rock climbing, live music, their furry companions, and of course, each other. I relished in the opportunity to capture their unwavering devotion to each other that truly shined all day and night. I can clearly see it forms the cornerstone of their relationship and infuses every moment with warmth and affection.

A wedding dress hangs at The Ruins in Hood River the morning of the ceremony
A stylized photograph of a wedding dress with flowers coming out of the top in Oregon
Wedding rings nestled amongst important pieces of a wedding - lay flat - in Oregon


The Ruins, situated in downtown Hood River, is within walking distance of the town center and occupies the historic Old Cannery Building at 13 Railroad Ave, just opposite the railroad depot. Offering both indoor and outdoor spaces, The Ruins caters to a variety of events, including weddings, rehearsal dinners, music events, and non-profit gatherings. 

The Ruins' property exudes a captivating beauty that is both rugged and romantic. As you wander through its grounds, you're greeted by a myriad of weathered concrete walls, each bearing the marks of time and history, lending an aura of antiquity to the surroundings. The walls, with their "bombed out" appearance, evoke a sense of mystery and intrigue, as if whispering tales of the past. Surrounding the property, the hillside is adorned with lush bushes and trees, creating a verdant backdrop that contrasts beautifully with the industrial aesthetic of the concrete. This juxtaposition of nature and man-made structures adds depth and character to the landscape, making every corner of The Ruins feel like a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. It's a place where time seems to stand still, where history and romance intertwine to create an unforgettable atmosphere that captivates the senses and stirs the soul.

While The Ruins is renowned for its enchanting outdoor space, it's worth noting the warm and welcoming indoor area, which underwent a major renovation just last year. With new lighting, a revamped main bar, cozy café tables and chairs, and a state-of-the-art surround sound AV system, it provided a perfect retreat for guests to mingle and celebrate.

But the magic doesn’t end there – the Grotto Bar, a hidden gem behind the stage area, provided a secluded spot for private events, cocktail hours, or simply a quiet moment amidst the festivities.

A pair of pink chairs sit among the concrete walls at The Ruins
A groom waits during the First Look for his bride to approach from behind near Hood River, Oregon
A bride and groom pose for a stylized photograph before their wedding at The Ruins located in Hood River, Oregon
A bride and groom kiss while their family walk around them in a stylized photograph


Jamie's journey to find the perfect wedding dress led her to a&bé bridal shop in Portland, Oregon, where she discovered the gown of her dreams. Designed by Aleena Leena, the dress embodied elegance and grace, accentuating Jamie's natural beauty. Meanwhile, Jared found his perfect suit at Mario's in Portland, adding a touch of sophistication to their wedding ensemble. A special detail that stole hearts was the embroidered section on Jared's suit, adorned with their initials and wedding date, adding a personal and sentimental touch to their attire.

A wedding dress is hung against the concrete walls of The Ruins near downtown Hood River, Oregon
Detailed photograph of a wedding dress against a concrete wall
Stylized wedding photograph of flowers peaking out of the dress
Groom flashes the inside of his wedding jacket while smiling and wearing sunglasses at The Ruins
The inside of a groom's jacket is embroidered with "J & J 07-01-23" which are the initials of the couple and their date
A bride and groom embrace one another as she holds the wedding bouquet at her side at The Ruins
A bride is softly kissed by the groom before their wedding while they pose for photographs at The Ruins


Jamie's quest for the perfect ring led her to Apland Jewelers in Hood River, Oregon, a cherished establishment rooted in the heart of the community. Founded by Ken, a second-generation jeweler with deep Oregonian roots, Apland Jewelers was born out of a desire to offer customers unique and affordable custom jewelry. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for craftsmanship, Ken transformed his vision into reality, establishing Apland Jewelers as a beacon of creativity and quality. It was here that Jamie found her ring – a symbol of timeless elegance and enduring love, crafted with precision and care. Meanwhile, Jared's ring, sourced from Manly Bands, reflected his rugged spirit and individuality, with its wood and rock/mineral inlays adding a touch of rustic charm. Each ring, steeped in history and crafted with intention, served as a tangible reminder of Jamie and Jared's journey together, from Hood River to beyond.

A bride and groom hold hands as they relax before their wedding begins at The Ruins in Hood River, Oregon
The bride's rings are nestled in the groom's ring surrounded by lush green ferns
The bride's wedding rings are perched atop a rock at The Ruins in Hood River
Wedding details at The Ruins


The ceremony at The Ruins was simply stunning, with a perfect blend of urban cool and natural charm. Amidst the weathered concrete walls and lush foliage, Jamie and Jared said their "I dos" in a setting that felt like it was straight out of a fairy tale. The mix of rugged concrete and vibrant greenery made for a unique and beautiful backdrop that perfectly complemented the couple's love story. It was a moment filled with magic and romance, set against the backdrop of a venue that was as cool and unforgettable as the couple themselves.

Jamie and Jared's emotional vows touched everyone's hearts, with not a dry eye in sight. Their adorable flower girl, Jullabye, added an extra layer of sweetness to the occasion as she walked down the aisle. Throughout the celebration, the love between Jamie and Jared was palpable, enveloping all their guests in warmth and joy.

MUSIC - ceremony / first dance: Gabriel Hess

Gabe Hess, the acoustic guitarist, brought all the chill vibes to Jamie and Jared's ceremony and first dance. With his laid-back tunes, he made the whole atmosphere feel like a breezy summer day. When Jamie and Jared hit the dance floor for their first dance, Gabe's music added that extra touch of romance, making the moment even sweeter.

The Ruins' wedding venue space near downtown Hood River, Oregon
a flower arrangement sits atop a wine barrel at The Ruins just before a wedding begins
The Ruins' wedding guests are seated before the ceremony begins
A groom stands smiling as his bride walks down the aisle at The Ruins
A bride descents The Ruins' outdoor staircase while her groom watches with anticipation during a wedding
The groom sheds a tear of joy as he watches his bride approach
Wedding flowers held by the bride as she is walked down the wedding aisle by her father
The father of the bride shakes the groom's hand during a wedding at The Ruins
The Ruins has such a beautiful wedding venue where guests feel welcome and relaxed
A groom cries as his to-be wife helps shed a tear from his cheek at The Ruins
A bride pats her husband on the shoulder during their wedding ceremony while the officiant laughs
A bride and groom hold hands at the wedding ceremony while guests look on
A husband dips his wife in the middle of the wedding aisle in Oregon
Gabriel Hess plays acoustic guitar during a wedding ceremony at The Ruins
Wedding guests look on as the newlyweds enjoy their First Dance at The Ruins
An husband twirls his wife during their First Dance in Oregon
A bride twirls with her niece after she celebrates her marriage


Inside The Ruins, attendees were welcomed to enjoy the newly remodeled indoor space, where they could grab a refreshing drink and mingle while soaking in the charming atmosphere. Meanwhile, outside, the venue was transformed into a picturesque dinner retreat, with tables spread across the stunning landscape and adorned with exquisite flower arrangements, each detail meticulously curated to perfection. As guests made their way back outdoors, the outside bar opened up, inviting everyone to savor the evening air and find their seats or hit the dance floor. With no detail left untouched, Jamie and Jared's reception was a true reflection of their love and dedication to creating a memorable experience for all who joined in the celebration.

With its convenient downtown location, The Ruins is a wonderful choice for wedding receptions in The Gorge, providing a safe option for guests to avoid drinking and driving: it’s easy access to nearby clubs and bars for post-reception celebrations. Additionally, its proximity to numerous hotels and Air BNB residences makes it a convenient choice for out-of-town guests.

MUSIC - reception: Rock N Roll Cowboys

And we can’t wrap up the night without amazing music! The Rock N Roll Cowboys were the life of the party! These guys rocked the reception with their killer jams, getting everyone up on their feet and grooving. From classic tunes to modern hits, their high-energy performance had the whole crowd pumped and ready to dance the night away. With The Rock N Roll Cowboys in charge, Jamie and Jared's wedding reception was an absolute blast, filled with non-stop fun and unforgettable memories.

The wedding reception site with tables laid out for guests at The Ruins in Hood River, Oregon
Wedding details on tables during the reception
Wedding details by the stairs at The Ruins in Oregon
Rock N Roll Cowboys play while guests dance during a wedding
a funny sign that says "Trust me. You can dance. - Alcohol" near the bar at a wedding
A bartender pulls a beer on tap during a wedding at The Ruins
A man holds a bunch of beers in his hands during a wedding receptions
A bride and groom dance the night away during their wedding reception at The Ruins

CATERING: Pelinti Pizza

Pelinti Pizza's catering at Jamie and Jared's wedding was an absolute delight, serving up delicious and satisfying fare that left guests raving. They served a myriad of mouthwatering pizzas topped with fresh, flavorful ingredients; every bite was a culinary delight.

DESSERTS: Trulies Divine Desserts

One of the most talked-about features of the wedding was the enchanting "cookie wall" – a dessert stand adorned with a myriad of delectable treats, offering a sweet ending to an already magical day. Trulies Divine Desserts brought a touch of sweetness to Jamie and Jared's wedding with their delightful creations. Founded by two sisters with a passion for baking and creativity, Trulies Divine Desserts began as a labor of love and has since blossomed into a beloved dessert destination in the Gorge. From the wedding cake to the cookies, each treat was lovingly crafted to perfection, reflecting the sisters' dedication to quality and flavor. Their desserts not only satisfied the guests' sweet tooth but also added a sprinkle of joy and happiness to the celebration, making every bite a moment to cherish.

a wedding sign that says "I love you with every pizza my heart" near the buffet line
A desert stand positioned against a concrete wall at The Ruins
Detailed photograph of many cookies on display during a wedding in Oregon
A young boy excited chooses a cookie during a wedding reception at The Ruins
A wedding cake with a topper that says "J loves J" positioned above a bed of flowers
Inside view of the wedding cake
Detailed photograph of two cookies that say "Mr." and "Mrs." on their tops on display at a wedding


Jamie and Jared's private portrait session was nothing short of magical. Leaving the hustle and bustle of the wedding venue behind, the couple ventured out onto the railroad tracks, where historic rail cars sat as silent witnesses to their love story. As the sun began its descent, casting everything in a warm golden glow, the atmosphere became enchanting. Against this picturesque backdrop, Jamie and Jared shared intimate moments, captured in timeless photographs that reflected the depth of their connection. With each step on the tracks, surrounded by the quiet beauty of the setting sun, they created memories that would last a lifetime. It was a truly special and unforgettable part of their wedding day, filled with love, laughter, and the promise of forever.

Mt. Hood Railroad old train car on the tracks next to The Ruins
A husband and wife pose for a stylized photo as they stand in the doorway of an old train
a husband and wife's shoes after their wedding
A bride and groom kiss in the setting sun as they hang out the side of an old railway car in Hood River, Oregon
A husband and wife hold hands and look off into the distance while the sun sets behind them

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13 Railroad. Hood River, OR 97031)



BRIDAL SHOP: a&bé Portland






BRIDE'S WEDDING RING: Apland Jewelers Hood River






GROOM'S SUIT: Mario's Portland


MAKEUP: Kasia Blackburn



PLANNER: Krystle Clear Events



Aunt Annie :)

CATERING: Pelinti Pizza



DESSERT: Trulies Divine Desserts




Gabe Hess (ceremony / first dance)



The Rock N Roll Cowboys (reception)



RENTALS: Riverhood Rentals