Rustic-check Wedding with a Stunning Backdrop

Sophia and Patrick hosted the most wonderful celebration throughout this perfect rustic-chic wedding and reception held at Hollenbeck Park in Trout Lake, WA. From the down-to-earth vibe to the charismatic guests who made it all come alive, this is one of those weddings I never wanted to end.

A wedding dress is hung on a tree near the Columbia Gorge
A wedding dress is on display hung on a tree
Wedding shoes worn by the bride near Trout Lake, WA
Bride and her maid of honor celebrate together by opening a bottle of champaign
The bride smirks as she drinks champaign with her best friend
the bride and maid of honor hug each other and smile
bride's shoes on display outside on a deck
bride getting makeup and hair done indoors
all the supplies needed for wedding makeup
The bride gets makeup applies before the wedding near Trout Lake, WA
A bridal flower wreath is on display upon her head
The bride smiles after getting hair and makeup done before the wedding
The makeup artist for the bride is smiling as she works
The bride and makeup artist celebrate together before the wedding
The bride and her friend hug each other as they smile while getting ready for the wedding
The bride and her daughter smile at each other while standing outside
The bride's daughter hugs her mom in a funny way
The wedding bride looks back over her shoulder and smiles at her daughter
Mother and daughter hug before the wedding ceremony
At the base of Mt. Adams a wedding begins just before the bride approaches
The groom holds his son in his arms at the wedding altar
The groom holds his son's hand at the wedding alter
The smiling bride is being walked up the wedding aisle by her father
Father of the groom smiles as he looks at his grand daughter
The groom holds his hands as he stands at the wedding altar
The mother of the bride chokes up watching her daughter being married
the bride's son holds his mother's hands at the wedding altar
The wedding party stands and smiles for their guests during the ceremony
The bride grins as she reads her wedding vows to her husband
A small boy climbs under his mom's wedding dress during the ceremony
A little boy sits at his mother's feet during a wedding ceremony
The groom smiles back at his wife during their wedding
The wedding efficient looks at the groom during the ring exchange
The bride and groom kiss during their wedding ceremony
The bride and groom kiss their wedding officiant on the face
The wedding party walks down the aisle after getting married
The bride and groom hold hands and relax with Mt. Adams towering in the background
The wedding families come together for a formal portrait with Mt. Adams behind them
The families of the bride and groom goof around for wedding photos
A beautiful wedding cake ready to be eaten
Wedding cake details at the reception
A little boy wearing a yellow bow tie and brown suspenders smiles for the wedding photographer
The wedding flowers look so beautiful
Photos on display at the base of the bridal flower bouquet of family who have been lost
The grooms boutonniere closeup photograph
Detail photograph of the groom's shoes
The wedding rings on display at sunset
Wedding guests smile and enjoy the party at the wedding
Wedding guest is excited and happy during the wedding reception
Girls horse around and play together at the wedding reception near Trout Lake, WA
Friends of the bride kiss the groom on each cheek
The bride and all her friends celebrate the marriage while seated together in a park
Two lovers kiss in a field with Mt. Adams in the background
A message written to the groom on the bottom of his shoe on the wedding day
A wedding guest kisses his baby boy on the cheek as the boy smiles for the camera
The bride and groom enjoy a toast by the father of the bride
Details photograph of the notes the father of the groom made for his wedding toast
The bride and groom are posed together while the father of the groom gives his toast
Father of the bride points towards his daughter and new son in law
The bride and groom enjoy their first dance together
Details of the bride and grooms feet during their first dance
The bride kisses her husband on the lips while they dance at their wedding
The bride dances with her father while wedding guests enjoy the show
The father of the bride kisses his newly wed daughter on the top of her head
The altar sight of a wedding near Trout Lake, WA with Mt. Adams in the distance
A bride and groom hold hands while walking away from the photographer with Mt. Adams in the background
Mt. Adams towers above a bride and groom striking a pose in a field at sunset
The bride and groom walk down a quiet country road holding hands as the sun sets on Mt. Adams in the background
A bride smiles as she stands surrounded by beautiful wedding flowers
Mt. Adams stands tall as the last light of the day kisses it