2nd Shooter for Trevor Hooper Photo

One the things I love to do is work with a friend. Trevor Hooper is one of those people whom I've had the pleasure of working with over the years. He has been there for me providing support, input, and education. We have enjoyed amazing camping experiences, shared great adventures. Vented when sh*t has hit the fan. Whether it's a day or months between our talks, we can pick up and carry on right where we left off.

When trevor asked if I'd be his second shooter for a wedding, there wasn't any hesitancy. It was an easy (and emphatic), "YES!" Bonus points: it just happened to be at The Lodge at Blue Sky - one of the most stunning, jaw-dropping destination wedding sites in the Park City, UT area.

Be sure to check out Here Comes The Guide's venue review on the Lodge at Blue Sky too!

A bridesmaid cleans and shows off 5 giant wedding rings
bridesmaids smile and laugh as they get ready
bridesmaids take a selfie with the bride
bridal flower bouquets sit against a dark rock wall
a bride is surrounded by all her bridesmaids as they laugh
socks and shoes worn by the groom
groom gets ready with his groomsmen and father
father of the groom looks up at his son
groomsman gets ready and is taking a photo of his tie
groom gets ready by snapping the lock on his watch as he smiles over at his dad
Groom checks out his clothing in the mirror as he gets ready with his dad
Mom places a groom's boutonniere on the jacket of her son
groom's tie closeup
Groom walks away from the camera down a road outside by himself
Groom looks over at his bride as they walk down a crushed gravel path
Beautiful detail photograph of a wedding dress and bouquet
Bride looks back at the camera as her fiancé looks over at her
bride and groom hold hands on a crushed gravel path
Detailed photograph of bridal dress and jewelry on bride's wrist
bride and groom hold hands as they walk down a country road
Bride and groom hold hands and kiss in a field of sagebrush
Bride and her bridal party hold bouquets and smile
candid photograph of bride and her bridesmaids smiling as they look off in the distance
bride and groom kiss while their friends celebrate around them
groom, his father, and all the groomsmen stand in a row on a quiet country road
groom looks back at the photographer as he's surrounded by his groosmen
staged jewish wedding ceremony site before guests arrive at Blue Sky Ranch
Flowers at wedding chair rows at Blue Sky Ranch
Jewish chuppah at Blue Sky Ranch
Dinner setting during wedding at Blue Sky Ranch
Table arrangement for a wedding at Blue Sky Ranch
Wedding cake at Blue Sky Ranch
Gorgeous table arrangement during a wedding at Blue Sky Ranch
Two women smile as they look at the camera before a wedding begins'
A beautiful blond woman smiles for the camera as she waits for a wedding to begin
closeup of string instrument at Blue Sky Ranch wedding
Closeup of string instrument at Blue Sky Ranch before a wedding begins
jewish groom smiles and laughs as he sees his bride walk down the aisle towards him
bride walks down the aisle towards her jewish husband at Blue Sky Ranch near Park City, UT
A groom hugs the father of the bride during the wedding ceremony
Jewish groom and bride look at each other in front of their guests during the wedding at Blue Sky Ranch
Jewish Chuppah and wedding party during the ceremony at Blue Sky Ranch
The first kiss at The Lodge at Blue Sky Ranch property
Bride celebrates in front of her wedding guests
Father of the groom hugs the bride after wedding ceremony
Bride smirks at the camera after wedding ceremony
Wedding guests make funny faces during wedding reception at Blue Sky Ranch
Father of the groom kisses his son after getting married
Bride and groom smile and hold each other close under the wedding veil
Traditional jewish wedding dance Hava Nagila at Blue Sky Ranch
Father of the bride and his wife give a toast at a Blue Sky Ranch wedding reception
Toasts during a wedding at Blue Sky Ranch near Park City, UT
A bride hold's her husband's hand during wedding toasts at Blue Sky Ranch
A wedding guest stands in front of an entrance to a wedding reception at Blue Sky Ranch
Wedding guests party while they dance at a wedding reception at night
The bride parties with her wedding guests while they dance together at night
Wedding guests at Blue Sky Ranch party on the dance floor at night
Wedding guests party with the bride on the dance floor at Blue Sky Ranch