The math adds up. These two are in love.

Haley and Sam are smart, gifted, and so, SO in love. First meeting in college, their love grew through the support of wonderful friends and loving family. This jewish wedding nestled in the jagged mountains of the Wastach Mountains at Millcreek Inn was simply wonderful. The details of this wedding were a sight to see: from lego pieces at each table to play with to gorgeous flower arrangements to arguably the best wedding playlist I've ever enjoyed rocking out to (Thanks, Don Woodbury Productions), this wedding had it all.

Wedding details before the ceremony begins
The bride puts on her necklace while getting ready for the wedding
A bride stairs in the mirror while her maid of honor smiles before the wedding
A bride's maid of honor cries tears of joy while they hug
Detailed photo of the maid of honor embracing her best friend who's about to be married
Details of the jewish groom
A jewish father helps his son put on his kippah before the wedding
A jewish groom adjusts his tie before the wedding begins
details of the groom getting ready
The mother and father of the Jewish groom all walk down the aisle together
A father smiles back at his son who's about to be married
The jewish groom smiles as he sees his wife walking down the aisle
A mother walks her daughter down the wedding aisle while father of the bride is behind them
A jewish groom smiles as he shakes the hand of the father of the bride
The wedding ceremony with all guests seated
The rabbi reads from a book during a jewish wedding at Millcreek Inn
A wedding guest smiles during the ceremony
More wedding guests smile during the jewish ceremony
The wedding venue with all guests looking at the bride and groom during the ceremony
The glass is broken during this jewish wedding
The bride and groom kiss at the altar
This jewish bride and groom kiss as they walk down the aisle with all guest smiling around them
Detail photograph of the bride and groom kissing
The mother and father of the groom walk back down the aisle after the wedding finishes
The jewish groom and bride kiss on the steps of the Millcreek Inn near Salt Lake City, UT
A groom twirls his bride as they dance in the woods alone
A bride and groom dance together on a quiet country road as the sun sets behind them
A bride sticks her tongue out while holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers
Detailed photograph of the groom's shoes and bride's boots
A bride and jewish groom kiss in the garden by themselves
While no-one is looking, a groom kisses his blushing bride on the cheek
The bride and groom sneak a kiss while she's sitting down
Wedding rings positioned atop a lovely plant leaf
The father of the groom gives his toast
A smirking bride looks over at her husband during speeches at their wedding
The groom looks at his father while he gives a speech
Wedding guests toast the father of the groom after he finishes his toast
The father of the bride smiles as he looks at the camera
The scar on the back of the bride is a source of pride she has
Under the chuppah which was hand-knit by the bride
The jewish groom smiles as his bride laughs at him
The bride and groom kiss
The mother of the groom dances with her son at his wedding
Mother of the groom cries tears of joy as she dances with her son
The mother of the bride dries her eyes after dancing with her son
The father of the bride and his daughter dance at her wedding
The father of the bride lovingly looks into the eyes of his daughter on her wedding day
The bride and groom dance together for the first time after being married
The groom lightly dips his wife during their first dance after their wedding
The mother and father of the groom dance together at Millcreek Inn
The traditional jewish wedding dance is celebrated
Wedding guests dance and celebrate the marriage of their friends
Wedding guests party while listening to music
Wedding guests dance while enjoying music
Wedding guests dance together celebrating a marriage
A girl looks into the camera while she dances at a wedding
Wedding guests party while listening to great music at a wedding at Millcreek Inn
DJ Don Woodbury takes fun videos of wedding guests
Wedding guests rock out to great music at the reception
Everyone smiles for the camera while they dance at a wedding reception
Millcreek Inn at night during a wedding