Country chic. Cowboy charm. Real people.

Nicolle and Aaron experienced a fun-filled country wedding complete with rustic charm and an endless stream of family and friends near Park City, Utah.

Country wedding dress on beautiful large wreath
country boots for a rustic wedding near Park City, Utah
Wedding dress on hanger closeup details
Bride and her bridesmaids celebrating together before the wedding begins
Mother of the bride hugging her daughter from behind as they both smile
Bridesmaid kisses bride on cheek as they smile
Bridesmaid holds beautiful flower bouquet while smiling with maid of honor
wedding flower bouquet closeup
Wedding rings together closeup
Groom is picked up by the groomsmen before wedding
Short groom looks up at tall groomsmen jokingly
Bride is kissed on cheek by father before wedding
Father of bride hugs daughter around shoulders
Bridal party laughs and enjoys each others company before the wedding
Bridal party walking away from camera as they look over their shoulders laughing
Groom has tears of joy as he meets his bride during the wedding
Groom dips and kisses his wife for their first kiss
Bride and groom kiss as they walk down the aisle after the wedding
Bride and groom hold hands for a rustic charm photograph near Park City, Utah
Groom looks at bride as she looks over her shoulder back at the photographer
Bride rests her head on grooms shoulder after the wedding
Bride and groom kiss while seated during wedding reception
Best man smiles as he gives a funning wedding speach
Bride and groom stand behind giant LOVE sign that's metal
Groomsmen parties while the DJ plays great music at the wedding reception
Wedding guests pick up bride for a fun photo as everyone laughs
Mother of the groom dances with her son while he smiles from ear to ear
Groom and friend joke and horse around while DJ plays music
Groom and father of the bride party
Guests smile and cheer all looking at the wedding photographer