Whether you're a tight knit family of three or hosting a reunion, I can’t wait to photograph it all! Families are SO MUCH FUN! Each brings their own unique personality, and I relish every moment of my time behind the lens capturing the intrigue of a shy child or a teenager ready to take on the world. I enjoy setting family members at ease so we can all laugh, joke, tease, play, and have fun!

A young girl laughs while her sisters and brother joke in the background
girl runs into her dad's arms
A family of four walk towards the camera at sunset as a bird flies high overhead
girl hugs her mom as they both smile
two girls look into the family photographer's camera as they lay on their backs
father jokes around with his daughter as she sits on his shoulders
black and white photograph of a young boy hugs his baby brother
a barefoot woman gets on her tippy toes to kiss her husband
girl in beautiful white dress spins during family photo session
boy posing on rustic chair for family photos
large family gathering posed photograph
Closeup of a a little girl holding her mothers hand
Family of four pose for a photo as a waterfall gently falls in the background
family of five enjoy the setting sun
two brothers laugh and play on a little bridge over a creek

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