About Me

Hi!  My name's Tom, and there's one, simple motto I've always lived by:

Do what you love.  Love what you do.

I fell in love with photography at a young age.  I quickly learned I'm not just a photographer... I'm a teller of tales.  The camera is my medium to share stories.  I'm honored to be welcomed into the most amazing lives and important moments in time, and to be trusted with documenting the stories that unfold in front of my eyes.  I love the feeling of capturing treasured memories that my clients can look back on for a lifetime.

The equipment I use is comprised of top-of-the-line camera bodies, lenses, lighting, and more.  But that's only part of the equation.  I have an eye for the details, love to get creative, and thoroughly enjoy working with clients: getting to know their unique story and what they want out of their photo shoot.  From weddings to landscapes; family portraits to food. If I'm behind the lens, the world is right.


I treat every session as its own experience from the beginning.  I craft the photos to my client's unique style: If they're animated, I'll hone in on this.  If it's an emotional experience, the photos will reflect that.  I'm there to preserve the moment, not interfere and interject.  My goal is to provide a rolling catalog of memories for each and every client that is synonymous with their lifestyle.


I love living out of a duffel bag.  It doesn't matter if its Singapore or Strasbourg... my passport is packed and ready for the next adventure.  Whether you plan to pop the question atop Machu Picchu, say "I do" in New Delhi, or explore Ecuador with your friends and family, I can be there to capture it all.  I custom-tailor every travel package to fit your expectations and budget.  Contact me today to talk about this in more detail.

Environmental Stewardship

A personal passion of mine is landscape photography.  I love documenting the beauty this world provides.  I'm here to do my part in protecting this spectacular place we're all lucky enough to be a part of.  From not using straws to packing reusable silverware, my goal is to minimize my impact on the world.  I donate 5% of every photo session to the Friends of Columbia Gorge - a 501(c)(3) non profit organization based in Portland & Hood River, OR focused on land conservation and preservation of the historic Columbia River Gorge. As long as the health of our local and global environment is a concern, they will strive to offer community-based resources and solutions.

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